The best part about eReaders

The best part about eReaders is that they have so many perks and advantages to using them. There are those who argue that you cant really appreciate a story if its not in paper form. Feeling the weight of the book, smelling the pages, it creates an atmosphere that can’t be replicated while reading electronically. While these are good points, they are also part of the reason that eReaders are becoming more popular.


With an eReader, weight is never an issue. You can carry one thousand books around with you all day without even noticing it. Some eReaders come with additional software, like web browsers and apps. With its backlit screen that means you can read a book at night while somebody is sleeping in bed next to you. No longer will you need to clamp a light onto your thick book, disturbing your partners restful REMs. With its backlit and adjustable brightness, you can read this anywhere without any issues. With their multi-function use and ability to use anywhere, its no wonder eReaders have been a bit hit.


One of the best features of eReaders is the ability to look up words and take notes. While you are reading you can easily throw up a bookmark, set a note, highlight a phrase, or look up a definition of a word you do not know. Its very easy to recall those notes and bookmarks and no longer will you have to be writing in  your books or bending the corners. With the ability to take notes you can easily bring up things to talk about with others that you read and be able to show them the source for themselves. In order to keep reading from burning out, we need to bring it up to date. Books take up a lot of paper, which takes a lot of trees to make. When you upload 1000 books to your device, think about all that paper and processing you saved!


Not only can you store books on your eReader, but also PDFs and other types of files. You can download files on many sites and there are also sites where you can rent or borrow ebooks for free. Many authors will offer free early versions of their books and with the lending libraries you will never run out of fantastic stories to read and information to absorb. eReaders have been maintaining a steadily growing fanbase over the last 10 years and with every passing year, the amount of ebook sales and downloads increases. This is great news for our literacy, keeping reading as a passion is a priceless addition to our mental prowess. Just like a child will move from the car seat to the front seat, reading will lift you from one level of comprehension to the next. It will boost your creativity and build on your empathy and compassion as you relate to and bond with the characters that you come to know and love. Thanks to eReaders, you can have those friends all together and with you, ready to pull up at a moments thought.