The cloud continues to revolutionise business

In a report compiled by professional services organization KPMG, the cloud was recently described as being a "disruptive" influence on the banking sector. However, for once, the term wasn't being used in a negative light. So, how can a technology like cloud computing disrupt an industry in a good way? What KPMG analysts were hinting it at was the fact that this innovation is slowly but surely turning the way we think about doing business on its head. As far as financial companies are concerned, Read more [...]

A3 Printer Features That Every Buyer Should Be Familiar With

Printers come in all shapes and sizes although most people are only acquainted with normal sized printers. Individuals who are particularly keen about having a printer that they can utilize when they are printing ad materials and the like should go for a3 printer for office. Those who are into graphics and pictures would certainly love getting a printer that can cater to print outs which are larger than a4. However, there is more to these a3 printers than just producing colored print outs of paper Read more [...]

Tech Tips for Travelers

If you travel a ton, you already know that mixing travel and technology takes a special kind of technique to keep everything organized and chaos-free! When you travel, you often need to bring technology with you to stay in touch with friends and family, to work, do photography, or whatever else it is that you need. Carrying so much expensive equipment with you can be a little bit stressful unless you have the right know-how. And sometimes you end up dealing with problems accessing Wi-Fi, getting Read more [...]

Next generation – the evolution of broadband

The internet has changed a lot in just a short space of time. Not so long ago people were reliant on dial-up services that made strange crackling noises as they attempted to connect and meant the phone and the internet couldn't be used at the same time. Then came broadband, which provided faster, more reliable connections and no funny noises whatsoever. We are now experiencing the next step on the internet's evolutionary ladder, as next-generation broadband becomes a reality in the UK. Officially Read more [...]
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