How Hi Tech Gadgetry Can Help Smokers in Casinos

Unibet take a look at the latest gambling news from around the world… With tobacco being responsible for nearly 1 in 5 deaths in the USA, any form of gadgetry that can help reduce those statistics should be welcomed with open arms. When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last did a study in 2011 there were 43.8 million adult smokers in the USA, and this means our brick and mortar casinos are going to harbor a great number of these. The question of smoking in our brick and Read more [...]

Top Five Tips on Gambling Safely Online

The fast growing pace of people acquiring internet-connected gadgets worldwide leads to a boosting online gaming industry that worth hundreds of billions. Online casinos, convenient as they may seem, introduce a whole new slew of security risks that players need to be wary about. In a brick-and-mortar casino, you have hidden cameras and guards that keep everything in check- you don't have these kinds of safeguards when you're playing by yourself on your computer. Since we don't want to lose Read more [...]

Rebtel’s android app will blow you away!

I was blown away when I downloaded and started using the new android app from Rebtel, I thought it would be hard to beat my current app but oh, how wrong I was! Rebtel's new android app is without doubt the best way for people to make international calls on their phone, it allows you to call Rebtel users for free. The Wi-Fi calling App for Android is taking the world by storm, it has already overtaken a lot of it's competitors. There are many reasons for you to choose Rebtel's app, not only can you Read more [...]
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Is A Refurbished Laptop Really Good Value?

As laptops are overtaking the desktop computer as the most popular choice of PC, an increasing number of people are looking to save money by opting for refurbished laptops. Refurbished laptops are devices that have been sent back within warranty for an imperfection, have been fixed by manufacturer, put through tests, and put back on the market at a reduced rate. Although this option can significantly reduce the cost of purchase, there is more to consider than merely the price. This guide aims to Read more [...]
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